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Left: Part of an Exhibition Catalogue. Only a few pages survived in our collection. The other artists featured in the catalogue were Max Rummel and Ivor Abramovich (Abrahams)

Links: Teil eines Ausstelungskatalogs. Nur einige Seiten sind vorhanden. Die anderen Künstler in diesem Katalog sind Max Rummel und Ivor Abramovich (Abrahams)
Biography from this catalogue

From the same catalogue:
Below, far right: Ivor Abrahams, behind him Clive Sheppard.

Aus dem gleichen Katalog: Unten, ganz rechts: Ivor Abrahams, hinter ihm Clive Sheppard.

Right: Exhibition Folder New Vision Centre Gallery, London 1964

Rechts: Ausstellungskatalog New Vision Centre Gallery, London 1964

Biography from this catalogue

1. SPAR HEAD '63 6' long
2. MOVING '64 8' long
3. CITY '64 5' high
4. SPLIT HEAD '63 8' 6" high
5. CUT OUT '63 7' O" high
6. INDIA '64 6' 3" high
7. TALISMAN '64 6' 6" high
8. SPRING '64 5' 6" high
9. GENESIS '64 5' O" high
10. AMAZON '64 7' 6" high
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Text from the Arts Reviews Magazine, July 25–August 8 1964

Clive Sheppard is a young sculptor of the 'Charing Cross' school whose forms in polished, stained and textured wood describe new dimensions of allegory and association. These large, architectonic structures, by virtue of their organic, worn surface qualities as well as their subtlety of space and shape, have a boldness and largeness of vision without appearing dehumanised and mechanistic. Sheppard's sculpture has the mellowness of old furniture, and much of its structural honesty and rightness, allied to qualities of symbolic and legendary allusion, not too obvious archetypes and creative myths. Its ideal setting would perhaps be large glass and concrete interiors, whose cold geometry would be an excellent foil for these very characterful forms instinct with life.

Spar Head 1963 6ft. long

Below left The Artist at work
on Genesis 1964 Sh. high
New Vision Centre Gallery.

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Above: Original Exhibition Catalogue
Sheffield Polytechnic School of Art & Design Gallery (Retrospective), 1974
Contributed by Daniel Anthony, 2015

Oben: Ausstellungskatalog Sheffield Polytechnic School of Art & Design Gallery, (Retrospective), 1974

Biography and an art and research project description by Clive Sheppard from this catalogue


1 Untitled 1959 bronze 14 x 7
   Lent by Mrs. lrina Moore
2 Rainmakers 1960 bronze 25 x 22 x 8    
   Lent by the Rt. Hon. George Strauss, M.P.
3 Crucifix 1961 cementfondu 21 x 24 x 6
   Lent by the Arts Council of Great Britain
4 Untitled 1961 bronze 8 x 1O
   Lent by Mr. Derek Coleman
5 Untitled 1962 bronze 13 x 14
   Lent by Mr. Emmanuel Harris
6 Untitled 1962 bronze 26 x 2O
   Lent by Mr. Derek Coleman
7 Untitled 1962 bronze 20 x 13
   Lent by Mr. Derek Coleman
8 The Gate 1963 bronze 24 high
   Lent by Mr. Emmanuel Harris
9 Talisman 1964 wood 78 high
   Lent by Mrs. Sonia Sheppard
1O Spring 1964 wood 78 high
   Lent by Mr. Ron Nash
11 Photographs of six sculptures made in 1966 in the United States of America
   a lndia
   b Column
   c lnsignia
   d Celebrations
   e Programme of the Oueens Day
   f Untitled
   From the Steinberg and Leslie Lasky Collections
12 Landscape 1969 wood, aluminium, latex 12 x 96
   Lent by Mrs. Sonia Anthony
13a Landscape 2 1970 formica, latex, transpex, perspex 6 x 15 x 13
13b Landscape 4 1 970 formica, latex, transpex. perspex 6 x 14 x 12
14 Last Year 197O
   aluminium, latex, stainless steel mesh tower 120 x 24
   3 triangular f rames 72 x 54
   36 crosses 20 x 20
   Lent by the Welsh Arts Council and Newport College of Technology
15 Last Year maquette 1970 aluminium, wood 21 x 24 x 48
   Lent by Mrs. Sonia Anthony
16 Untitled maquette 1970 aluminium, wood 8 x 23 x28
   Lent by Mrs. Sonia Anthony
17 Last work in idea form with completed component
   Lent by Mrs. Sonia Anthony
18 Sketches and source material
   Lent by Mrs. Sonia Anthony
19 Photographs of models for displays in the British Museum (Natural History)
   Lent by Mrs. Sonia Anthony
Texts from this catalogue


To have a sort of wry humour and still be passionately involved is, I suppose, a rather unusual combination. Clive managed to convey both of these qualities in his contact with the students as well as with the staff at the Bath Academy of Art. I very much miss our train rides together between Chippenham and London when I grew to respect his intensely interested yet somehow dispassionate views on life.

Michael Kidner

It must be nearly a decade or more since Clive worked at Dovehouse Street mouldmaking mainly with some ply cutting. Looking through photographs of sculptures of that period, it's often impossible to tell which assistant did which piece. but there still exists a small bronze dog enlarged from a Chinese ivory half wolf, half sheep, with a prehistoric grin. What survives in memory is a calm man with strong thumbs like a Thomas Hardy country man. Craft had a real meaning for this artist and now I will see more of him.

Eduardo Paolozzi


Clive Sheppard died in May 1973 of leukemia. Right up to the last he was considering new possiblities for his work. The suggestion by Mr. Bryan Macdonald a long-standing friend and Head of the Department of Plastic Arts to hold a retrospective exhibition that would represent his changing ideas, was readily agreed to by his colleagues. Many have assisted, but perhaps particular acknowledgement ought to be made to Mrs. Sonia Sheppard, and other listed lenders; Mr. Eduardo Paolozzi and Mr. Michael Kidner for the introductions; Mr. W. Bloor and Mr. Syed Azzudin for the graphics layout; Mr. Donald Armstrong for the colour photographs; and the Arts Councils of Great Britain and of Wales.

Paul D. Walker: Curator

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